The time has come to take your art to the next level. With my help you can learn about mediums, techniques, textures, materials, tools, substrates, composition, art theory, and more! I’m offering a live video chat where we will talk face to face, you can ask questions, and I’ll even be doing demonstrations. I’ll go over my methods with you from start to finish. It doesn’t matter if you work large or small, I’ll be there to help. The goal isn’t to get you to paint like me, but for you to expand your own voice.
1 session [90 min] for $120 usd
3 sessions [90 min each] for $300 usd.
Any additional 90 min sessions [after 3 sessions] will be $100 usd per session.

Message me now with any questions or comments you might have. Your list of questions will help me see which of these two options would be best for you. Feel free to contact me on IG as well @michaelwallartist if that is more convenient. Let's have a conversation and get those brushes loaded!

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